Saturday, September 6, 2008


Any Republican woman out there feeling proud of their nominee should really be feeling ashamed. There. I've said it.

The idea that McCain and his battalion of minions can take a completely anti-woman woman VP candidate out of the wilds of the northwest and expect her not only intrigue female voters on both sides of the party line, but sway them into voting for HIM because of it, is INEXPLICABLE.

She is toxic, she is against abortion of any kind (including those for woman who have been brutally raped), she is completely unqualified, she is vindictive and hypocritical. Most of all, she is the new Dick Cheney. And we all know how vile that man is.

By the way, if I hear one more newscaster say that Bristol's pregnancy is "private" and "the business of the family" with a straight face, I will go postal. How insane can you be?!??! Then again it's hypocritical to be a woman and a Republican regardless. That is if you give a shit about your personal rights.

Whatever. No unreasonable person will listen to me or anyone else. What a joke.

If you feel like I do and you feel like Gloria Steinem does, let me know. I need a boost. She feels as I do, that Palin will only set back the feminist movement.

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