Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm over my thumb. Over it! It keeps getting in the way and I hit something and yelp and get pissed. After many requests, I'm posting the picture of it here.

Reasons you need your right thumb:

Typing, typing, TYPING! Never so many typos in my life.
Xbox. Peter plays, I yell directions, he gets annoyed.
Tweezing eyebrows. I'm turning into Martin Scorsese.
Tying sneaker laces. Embarrassing at the gym.
Playing the piano. So much dust on the piano. So so sad. Can't even attempt.
Washing dishes. Luckily I have Peter for that. Score!
Turning pages in a book. Surprisingly hard with any other finger on either hand.
Taking photos. I've had some interesting mistakes at least. See kite photo from Brighton Beach.


Anonymous said...

PhotoChanteuse said...

I know. I'll always have an ugly thumb print. Who knew I'd be so vain about my thumb?!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I have a little stomachache now. I am so sorry that happened to you!