Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm over my thumb. Over it! It keeps getting in the way and I hit something and yelp and get pissed. After many requests, I'm posting the picture of it here.

Reasons you need your right thumb:

Typing, typing, TYPING! Never so many typos in my life.
Xbox. Peter plays, I yell directions, he gets annoyed.
Tweezing eyebrows. I'm turning into Martin Scorsese.
Tying sneaker laces. Embarrassing at the gym.
Playing the piano. So much dust on the piano. So so sad. Can't even attempt.
Washing dishes. Luckily I have Peter for that. Score!
Turning pages in a book. Surprisingly hard with any other finger on either hand.
Taking photos. I've had some interesting mistakes at least. See kite photo from Brighton Beach.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

BACK to Gorge Harbour, B.C.

The wind was so bad yesterday, we ended up back in Gorge Harbor yesterday afternoon. Mostly spent the day reading, but we did fit in a nice walk up to a hippy café. Would have loved a picture of the two toothless island dudes hanging out front, but they wanted $20 to immortalize their image.

Dinner was back at the Gorge Harbor Café (seafood curry pasta) and the gang watched the Golden Compass while I read upstairs.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hariot Bay, B.C.

Greetings from Hariot Bay which hasn’t changed since 1954, including the Adirondack chairs. GORGEOUS sunset last night. See photo.

The evening of the 8th we ended up at Hàthayim Marine Park down the Donop Inlet on Cortes Island. We moored in a mostly private bay for the evening. I read mostly, as I was nervous about getting my hand wet. Peter and Doreen took out the kayak (jealous!) though. This was the night we were supposed to have in Small Inlet (wah wah, sob sob) before I cut my hand.

The winds really kicked up yesterday when we left Hàthayim, so it took us 3-4 tries to find a spot that wouldn’t whip us around all night long. I still managed to wake up with stomach cramps and threw up a bit. Maybe the Codine? Needless to say, everyone is getting in some extra sleep this morning while I write this after being kept up half the night.

Not sure what the plan is today. It’s still a little bit windy, so we may not be able to moor as we had planned. A front may be coming in…

Only 48 hours left until we return to Campbell River for our flight to Seattle! I booked a hotel with mountain views and a hot tub. So much for the hot tub!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gorge Harbour, B.C.

We left Campbell River for the secluded Gorge Harbor Marina. Everyone thought it best to avoid anchoring, at least for the time being. Had a late lunch at the pub (cream of cauliflower soup and a green salad with wild flowers – hard to eat with left hand!). Spent the afternoon playing cards (Peter had to shuffle/deal each hand) with dinner aboard.

This morning I attempted my first shower. Very difficult. Then we pulled off my bandage for a look at FrankenFinger. It’s pretty gross. I won’t put a picture here, too gross, but you can request a copy if you like.

Off now to Hariot Harbor or somewhere else. Nothing particularly interesting, but might have some ok trails.

This is a very boring entry.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to Campbell River, B.C.

Oy. After a magnificent hike up a mountain off of Small Inlet, including gorgeous, tropical-like vegetation and a grand finale at a mountain top freshwater lake (crystal clear! See photo), we headed back to the boat for burgers and the sunset. Leave it to me to manage to slice the tip of my finger off while cleaning the food processor blade after dinner!!! Peter held down the bleeding and we scurried back to Campbell River to see a doc. How lame. Doreen managed to remember to grab my fingertip and bring it along on ice as the doctor sutured it on as a sort of flesh band aid. It’ll probably get nasty and fall off in the coming days, but it was large enough that they wouldn’t have been able to close it properly without it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

British Columbia

Our flights into Canada were mostly uneventful. Peter graciously gave me his first class upgrade, and as I'm not the best flier, made my first part of the flight very comfortable. We spent several hours at the Seattle
airport playing cards before catching a shuttle to the puddle-jumper flight. Kenmore airlines had a hard time getting organized, which delayed us by 1 hour and didn't make me feel better about flying on their teeny tiny plane. See pictures.

Spent the evening feasting on salmon that Peter's dad procured from a friend and catching up. They have the most amazing sunsets this far north. See picture.

I'm (strangely) the first one up today, but going to bed at 9pm and getting up at 7am is pretty darn good for me! I feel like I should go for a run or something, but the weather is pretty nasty. The weather will actually determine where we go next today. If it stays nasty by our go time of 10:30/11am, we'll end up at April Point Lodge Marina. If not, we'll head up

the sound to the north side of Quadra Island (part of the Discovery Islands) and anchor for the night. We’re loaded up with food, water, gas and wine, so 2-3 nights away from harbor may be a possibility (and something I’ve been looking forward to doing for years!).

Our ultimate goal is to circle around through the Desolation Sound and back to Campbell River by 7/12 (when our little puddle-jumper returns to Seattle) before heading home. I know that Peter and David talked through our itinerary in more detail yesterday, but I pretty much was spacing off during the conversation. More coffee now.....