Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day with the Folks

Memorial Day included our annual traverse to Wisconsin to see the fam. I could have used another week or two hiking and trying to avoid beers, I mean bears, but I'm fully living my New York City lifestyle with 3-day mini breaks. The 'rents have finished their latest dream home and we spent much of our time together talking about design ideas and furniture placement. Most importantly, which dead animal belongs where.

And did I mention the bears?

Peter turns into a completely different, sort of wild man in Wisconsin.

I ate more meat that I can possibly say. (not bear).

Creepy and nostalgic times ensued when looking through the dozen or so boxes of CRAP that was left behind when I went to college. Was I ever that skinny, cheerful and odd? My favorite find was an entire box full of high school notes. No, I don't mean for chem class. I mean, "You're such a bitch!" and "So and so told me you farted in gym class." Good stuff. Sadly, it got packed into plastic tubs and shuttled to the attic of the garage for later delivery to NYC. I'm assuming
Peter and I will have a classic six with 400 square feet of storage some day, right?

I also managed to piss off a person or two by not announcing my arrival to the midwest, and for that I'm sorry. I kinda forgot how popular I am. I'll be back, I swear!!

My muse, niecey-poo Rose, took center stage most of the weekend.

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