Thursday, June 12, 2008

I AM a goddamn feminist

Right? Right?? Even if Peter did buy me a whole new set of pots and pans for my birthday and I LIKED IT! Loved it even.

This is what happens to a couple who doesn't marry and and is forced to scrape old scrambled eggs off of the faux metal pans from T. J. Maxx that they bought 10 years ago.

Seriously, 10 years ago. Peter's were from K Mart, mine were from The Maxx.

Oh, god, the new ones are gorgeous and make me realize how truly dismal my current kitchenware collection really is.

Guess this means I'm a grown-up.


Carleen said...

Somehow even thinking of commenting on this makes me smile :)! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

or you could get married and enjoy the gifts that people shower upon you because how much they love you!

Anonymous said...

Peter? Is that you??????

I love it when you log on anonymously, baby.